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Friday Jul 25, 2014

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March 14, 2014. Apollo adds acquisitions and a new OPAC. Biblionix announced the two major enhancements to its Apollo automation system: Acquisitions and a totally new look for the public catalog. The Acquisitions module provides for the management of collection budgets and purchases. Regardless of vendors' Electronic Data Interchange support, orders and budgets may be tracked in one place. Automatic shopping cart creation is also provided for one commonly used vendor. The user interface is simple and elegant, using point and click fast and easy editing. <<more>>

May 28, 2013. Library system gets new catalog and circulation System from Biblionix. Apollo is Bradford County's new circulation and cataloging system. The new system will be implemented on May 21, 2013, in eight of the nine libraries in the county. Sayre Public Library is already on the new system. <<more>>

February 28, 2013. Biblionix announces global configuration for all 72 Iowa libraries. Biblionix announced that remote authentication capability for LearningExpress has been implemented overnight for all 72 Iowa customers of its Apollo automation system. And customers didn't have to lift a finger. Patrons can now log-in to their Apollo account, then click the LearningExpress icon for instant access. <<more>>

November 28, 2012. Biblionix announces partnership with Unique Management. Biblionix announced the integration of Unique Management's Gentle Nudge capability into its Apollo Automation System. The Apollo Connection is immediately available to all customers for no additional charge. Gentle Nudge helps libraries recover overdue materials, fines, and fees without alienating their members. This is done outside of the realm of the collection agency mentality. Patron goodwill is maintained and patrons are always directed back to the library to return any materials and make any payments. The process is seamless and paperless such that there is little to no staff involvement. <<more>>

April 17, 2012. Biblionix announces free mobile catalog for Apollo Automation System. Biblionix announced the availability of the Apollo-To-Go mobile catalog for its Apollo Automation System. Patrons of every Apollo customer can take advantage of this capability, right now. And for no additional charge. Apollo-To-Go lets patrons search, reserve, renew, and more, from any smart/mobile touchscreen device. These include iPhones, iPads, Android devices, other tablets, and mobile devices. <<more>>

March 5, 2012. New Apollo Customers. Biblionix announces 16 new customers in 2012 for its Apollo automation solution. January and February each saw 8 new libraries begin using Apollo. <<more>>

February 12, 2012. Biblionix announces Apollo automation enhancements. Biblionix has recently updated its Apollo Automation Service with several key features. Apollo is hosted only, so all customers immediately take advantage of changes with no action on their part. <<more>>

November 2, 2009. Biblionix Wins 24 Library Project. The Central Texas Library System announced that Biblionix has been awarded the project and contract for data migration and web hosted automation services for Fiscal Year 2010 for 24 public libraries. The 24 libraries are located in the CTLS and AALS (Alamo Area Library System) regional systems. They range in size up to 68,000 items and 216,000 annual circulation. <<more>>

March 10, 2009. Biblionix Announces VersaCat for Apollo Automation. Biblionix announced significant enhancements to its Apollo hosted automation service. These enhancements broaden community access and patron experiences as well as put more powerful tools in the hands of library staff. They are immediately available to all customers, free of charge, and with no software installation required. <<more>>

October 25, 2007. Biblionix announces Auto-Calling for Apollo automation. Biblionix announced “Auto-Calling”, an automated call placement option for its Apollo Automation service. Auto-Calling places overdue and reserve calls without any action by library staff. Calls are placed to those patrons who selected phone calling as their preferred method of notification. <<more>>

July 10, 2007. Biblionix announces new approach to retrospective conversions. Biblionix announced Biblionix Automated Retrospective Conversion, a special feature of the Apollo automation service for small- and medium-sized public libraries. BARC is an in-house retrospective conversion solution, offered at an reduced, flat price versus typical out-sourced solutions. Conversion can be reliably achieved with a couple of staff members or teams of volunteers, strengthening the library's bonds to the community. The conversion fee for a small library can be as little as $1,000 and it is a flat fee, unrelated to the number of items. <<more>>

June 26, 2007. Rwanda Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center Library selects Apollo. Biblionix announced that its Apollo automation system was selected for the new library at the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Kigali, Rwanda. As a public service, Biblionix is honored to provide the Apollo service to the IGSC at no cost. <<more>>

June 14, 2007. Biblionix announces Related Cards feature for Apollo Automation. Biblionix announced the addition of the Related Cards feature to its Automation system. Related Cards allows the librarian to link individual cards per library policy and/or a family's desires. This feature provides the best of both worlds between family and individual library cards. <<more>>

January 09, 2007. Biblionix announces 50% price reduction for Apollo automation migration. Biblionix today announced a 50% price reduction in migration fees for the Apollo Automation Service. Customers who have already paid the full migration fee will be refunded the difference. <<more>>

October 19, 2006. Biblionix announces Apollo Automation Service for small and medium sized public libraries. Biblionix announced formal availability of its Apollo Automation Service. Apollo was designed by and for small and medium sized public libraries. It is hosted over the Internet from Biblionix’s servers, eliminating the need for an on-site server. No software installation is required, only a Web browser on any operating system. <<more>>

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Oct 19, 2006   Biblionix announces Apollo Automation Service .
Oct 19, 2006   Biblionix announces Apollo Automation Service .
2003   Biblionix founded by Alexander Charbonnet.

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